Living with Trisomy 13 in Uruguay

Living with Trisomy 13 in Uruguay

Trisomy 13 has been said to be incompatible with life, but Thiago is defying the odds. His home country of Uruguay has few children with trisomy 13 and no specialists to treat his rare condition, so he must travel abroad for specialized care.

Thiago's medical journey, from Uruguay to Utah:

Before Thiago was born, his parents were told he would not live. Rather than terminate the pregnancy, they left the matter in God's hands. Today, Thiago is one of the less than 10% of kids with his condition that make it past 1 year of life. Thiago has the added challenge of living in Uruguay where there are few resources for treating children with his condition. He has traveled several times to Chile to receive physical therapy, but now needs to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to see doctors and other professionals that specialize in caring for children with Trisomy 13. Those that have helped and cared for Thiago have come to find that he has a way of giving back more than he receives.

Would you like to help Thiago? You can probably imagine that it is very expensive to travel to a foreign country to see specialists that aren't covered under your insurance. We are looking for your help to make sure Thiago can make it there, and make the most of his trip. Stay tuned here and on Thiago's Facebook page for fundraising offers, updates and ways to help, or simply donate now, by clicking the button below. All donations are deposited to the Mountain American Credit Union account #966 5337, which has set up for Thiago's medical costs:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The next steps for Thiago in Utah

Over the next few weeks, we will see the results of the tests that have been done, the treatments recommended by the doctors, as well as doing physical therapy with Thiago. There will also be a few specialists that we will see each week. This week we will see a pediatric nutrition specialist, the neurologist, and at Primary Children's Hospital, the ophthalmologist and gastroenterologist. Please keep Thiago in your prayers and wish us luck!
Durante las próximas semanas, veremos los resultados de los análisis que se han hecho, los tratamientos que se recomienden los doctores y realizaremos terapia física con Thiago. Habrán algunas especialistas que veremos cada semana. Esta semana, tenemos una consulta con una pediatra especializada en nutricion y la neurologa, y en el hospital de la Primaria, el gastroenterologo y oftalmologo.

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